We are a family-owned, short-run pressing plant located in Riga, Latvia. Semikols is synonymous with high quality records, top notch printing and packaging, worldwide distribution, short lead times and industry-leading customer service. Everything made by Semikols goes through rigorous checks at each production step and our well-equipped plant, based on NewBilt Record Presses, takes a modern scientific approach to vinyl pressing and ensures that the machinery is performing at the highest level under the most demanding quality control.

Semikols offer a full turnkey suite of services to transform your music into a fully-formed final product: we press 12″ records, both 33 and 45 RPM, and print covers, sleeves, inlays, labels, stickers in all sizes and in mono, full color or special colors and varnishes. We aim to create high-quality vinyl records for projects of all sizes, from runs as low as 150 units up to commercial pressings in the thousands.